The Scriptol programming language and development tools

Scriptol has been designed to be simple, safe and universal. It is a modern, object-oriented, procedural language with innovative features, for example it can use XML as data structure. Scriptol is compiled to PHP with the Scriptol PHP compiler and interpreted.

Modern design of programming languages

New languages ​​are unable to integrate new concepts to make programming easier, safer.

The Scriptol language

Scriptol provides a quicker solution to program your web pages, scripts and applications. Scriptol is the first language to use XML as a data structure. It is object oriented, high-level and designed to be easy to learn and read.


Development tools

A Scriptol program can be compiled or interpreted, and even built within an HTML page.

The Scriptol to PHP compiler

The free Scriptol-PHP compiler converts Scriptol programs to PHP and makes scripts or dynamic web pages. The PHP code may be interpreted on various platforms by the PHP interpreter and tools exist also to compile PHP to binary and protect the code against copy.
A version of the compiler exists for PHP 4 and PHP 5.
Pure PHP compilers exists also, but require to run a special environment on your own server.

The interpreter

The Scriptol interpreter is a teaching tool. A part of Scriptol's features is only implemented. The use of XML as a structure is fully implemented and allows to process information very easily.

You can get it on the download page . A full installer for Windows includes the interpreter and examples, an editor, and a reference manual. The interpreter is under the Mozilla 1.1 license.

The Scriptol to C++ compiler

The free Scriptol-C++ compiler builds executables for Windows of Linux, from Scriptol sources. It is convenient for scripting, or building applications with XUL or GTK or HTML 5 (and Node.js, see JavaScript section) as graphical interface.
The binary compiler may be used with Turbo Explorer and Visual Studio.

A C++ compiler is required at backend. Scriptol is compatible with Visual C++, BCC, MingwW, GCC.
You can link any C or C++ library to your Scriptol program. No need to compile something.
Links to libraries as GTK, LibXml, OpenGL, GD, and wrappers or C sources are available on the download page.

How to install the Scriptol to C++ compiler.

Examples and applications


News about Scriptol

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